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Rotary Park Boundless Playground

Boundless Playground at Rotary Park, Johnson City, Tennessee

Mike Mefford,  Rotary Club of Johnson City, Tennessee, announced the Club's goal to create a Boundless Playground at Rotary Park, a project that will make this year's Rotary International Theme "Building Communities Bridging Continents" a reality.  The Rotary Park Boundless playground has been designed as an all access recreational facility that would provide healthly play for children with special needs, as well as combat childhood obesity for all children.  The Rotary Park Boundless Playground project will ensure that Rotary Park will continue to be a focal point of the city well into the future!

According to  Mike, the planning phase (Phase I) of the Rotary Park Boundless Playground is complete. The Rotary Club of Johnson City’s Board of Directors, The Johnson City Parks and Recreation Board and the Johnson City City Commission unanimously and enthusiastically approved and endorsed the project. After working through the approval process with each of these entities over the past several months, the project is ready to begin Phase II, during which the Rotary Club of Johnson City, Tennessee will raise public awareness and seek the funds necessary to build the playgound.

A complete renovation of the existing parking area will accommodate the Boundless Playground so that the area will be a safe and enjoyable experience for children of all abilities.  The playground's “nature theme” will retain the “essence of the park.” The natural design will incorporate many custom-fabricated trees that will be integral to the play space, as well as one of very few "splash pads" found in the Boundless Playground program.  It also will be the first splash pad to be introduced in Johnson City. President Mike Mefford reminded each member that the 2010-11 Rotary theme, “Building Communities, Bridging Continents,” and the Boundless Playground presents an incredible opportunity for our club to “build OUR community!"

Please help build the Boundless Playground for all children in our community by donating to the Johnson City Rotary Club Boundless Playground Project through the donation button at the top of this page or by contacting the Johnson City Rotary Club by e-mail  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Click on a video below to see more about the project.